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Brand History

Minimale Animale is a Los Angeles swimwear brand founded by bodacious stylist cum designer, Cassandra Kellogg in July 2010.  Cassandra, who lived just over Venice beach, loves sunny Cali’s beach culture. Being style-obsessed, she couldn’t find the right swimsuit that really reflects her bold, distinct style so she went on and created her own line of mondo sexy swimwear that brings out figure-flattering pieces in the season’s hottest colors!

Minimale Animale features Cassandra’s unconventional approach to the classic beach bombshell look. The overall swimwear designs hug the body in all the right places and show enough skin to spice up the shores without looking trashy. Minimale Animale utilizes somewhat unusual materials never before used in swimwear including chunky zippers, sheer fabrics, fishnets, etc. The color choices are generally neutral but there are other pieces that come in super punchy colors. All Minimale Animale swimwear are made with very durable materials so you can show off your beach body again and again! Minimale Animale swimwear is available in selected boutiques as well as via online retailers like


Minimale Animale swimwear is inspired by bold, sexy ladies who are comfortable in their own skin!


Minimale Animale offers a myriad of swimwear ranging from the classic two-piece bikini down to fabulous maillots, tankinis, and even vintage-y high cut one piece bathing suits. The collection is made for confident women who love super striking bathing suits. A beach bunny herself, Cassandra brings surprising elements into each piece that you wouldn’t otherwise get from other swimwear brands like using see-through fabrics for the Golden Triangle bathing suit or an unexpected flash of skin.

Minimale Animale swimwear at

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